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Sparrow utilize the latest technology to protect your investments in extremely volatile markets. The Sparrow utilize an Scalping strategy that exploits small changes in currency prices, buying at the Bid price and selling at the Ask price, to earn the bid / ask difference.

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Sparrow uses a Scalping strategy that generates profits with small price changes. Part of the premise that Smaller movements are more frequent than larger ones and works by placing limited orders on the alternative side of the book (buying at the Bid price and selling at the Ask price, to earn the supply / demand difference).

For this reason, Scalping is considered to be a powerful way to perform and a lot of money with the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. Trying to perform as many operations as possible makes it produce significant performance.

The most obvious way is to use it when market conditions rise and fall considerably, either in the short term or for a prolonged period of time. It does not work as well during periods of conflict or confusion, but it has a stop loss that can be set

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