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    To empower people through technology and innovation,
    enhancing their financial opportunities.
    To define. To defy.
    To give everyone the tools to pursue their dreams.

What is Brokerst?

We are a leading platform in the crypto trading ecosystem, developing advanced algorithms and

innovative trading strategies for everyone to become the best trader they can be.


"Define the future crypto-trading
improving human capabilities
with the potential of computing."

Our values

Pursuing change

We are a worldwide fintech, aiming to transform the crypto-ecosystem while helping people and business to overcome financial and technological barriers.

Equality of opportunity

We believe that all people deserve the same possibilities to perform advance and efficient crypto-trading, disregarding their assets or knowledge.

Innovation & leadership

We fusion edge technology with a multi-disciplinary professional team to deliver high-quality and potent trading tools.

Transparent & Honest

Our users have total autonomy over their assets and bot settings. They have complete control and vision over their money and operations.

Secure & Trustworthy

Our priority is to protect our users' data and assets. We use strong encryption algorithms and prevent our bot to withdraw any cryptocurrency.

Simple & Robust

We develop efficient trading strategies and powerful algorithms within an organic and easy-to-use platform, for everyone to enjoy it.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists, including mathematics, economics, computer programmers, university professors, and entrepreneurs.

Master in Computer Science from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio, Brazil), focused on distributed computing, distributed ledgers and machine learning.

Adrian C. Leon CEO

PhD in Computer Science from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, PUC-Rio, Brazil, focused on Software Engineering and Data Science.

Marx L. Viana PRO

Master of Science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and then focused on Science and Innovation Diplomacy.

Claudia R. Noval CCO

Bachelor in Business Administration at Universidade Paulista, UNIP, Brazil. Focused on Business Development, Strategic Planning and Marketing Strategy

Leandro Marcondes CMO